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Pure pH Down Concentrate Lowers Nutrient Solution

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pH Down is a concentrated solution of phosphoric acid 75% made specifically for use in hydroponic growing mediums to lower the pH (potential hydrogen).

Ideal pH level is critical to growing healthy plants as it allows plants to absorb the nutrients they need from the soil and grow properly without over or under-harvesting of nutrients. 

pH Down is a water additive that will reduce the acidity in your nutrient reservoir. This item can be added to any hydroponics system for growing food at home with an artificial light system as well as outdoors for garden plants.

Add this product to the water used to feed your plants, and you will begin to see changes right away. This product is great for adding key bases to the growing media, nutrient solution, or foliar spray of various types of plants.

It is made with natural ingredients that are plant-friendly. Take a look at our full line of hydroponic products to choose what is right for you, and grow strong plants every time. 

Benefits & Applications of Pure pH Down

  • Create the right pH level for plants
  • Adjust nutrient levels for optimum absorption
  • Improves nutrient absorption in the root zone
  • No unwanted residue or elements hence safe for plants
  • Ensure pH does not rise above desirable ranges
  • Maintain pH levels during plant growth processes

Pure pH Down is a highly concentrated, completely non-toxic solution made with the highest quality of ingredients with a wide range of use in both soil and hydroponic gardening.

Pure pH Down is an essential addition to any grower's toolbox. Order the Pure pH Down today and take your garden to the next level with our premium quality solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I use pH down for?

pH down is a concentrated chemical that can be used to lower the water pH. You can use it in your pool or for hydroponics purposes.

How to use ph down solution?

The best way to use pH down solution in hydroponics is to first pour the pH down into a clear container, mix it with water and stir it thoroughly. Next, add it to your soil and mix it well. Remember that ph down does not really work well if added directly into the soil.

How much does pH down cost?

The cost of ph down can vary widely depending on how much you are looking to buy, who you are buying from, and where you are buying from. At Pure Chem Co, we offer affordable and high-quality pH down solutions starting at just $19.95 in the following sizes: quart, gallon, 2.5 gallons, and 5 gallons.

What is a natural pH down?

A natural pH down is a solution that naturally drops the pH levels when used. Natural pH down is effective for soil and hydroponics systems as it helps keep the plants healthy.

NOTE: This product is not for human consumption.

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