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Pure 35% H2O2 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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H2O2 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a blend of two liquid essentials: hydrogen and oxygen. It provides an active oxygen source for plants, which creates a beneficial environment in plant cell structure and provides extra hydrogen to cells for healthy end-product.

Active oxygen helps in fast natural decontamination, cleansing, and purification of water, fruits, vegetables, meat, and poultry.

The H2O2 35% Hydrogen Peroxide also acts as a natural water conditioner for plants, enhancing the absorption of nutrients into the root system and improves flowering, seedling growth, inhibits fungal disease, and instigates the plant's defense mechanism against viral diseases and pests.

It is a great product for indoor or outdoor gardening as it helps prevent plant diseases and root fungus at all stages.

Our H2O2 is 100% pure, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. It is not diluted or mixed with anything! This means there are no added buffers or chemical stabilizers which gives you a much higher quality and safe product at a lower cost.

At Pure Chem Co, we combine research-proven performance with the highest quality across all our products. That's why we offer a full line of fertilizers from starter solutions to use in hydroponic and soil crops.

Benefits & Applications of (H2O2) Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade

  • Helps your plants have more oxygen
  • Removes unwanted microbes from growing in tanks and reservoirs
  • Improves the quality of plants
  • Reduces harmful bacteria to improve your plants' health
  • Works well against mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungi on foliage and in root systems
  • Helps roots grow faster

Pure H2O2 35% Hydrogen Peroxide will help you in increasing yields by preventing diseases and keeping your plants healthy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide used for?

Hydrogen peroxide is a common disinfecting liquid used in many industries, including personal care, cooking, cosmetics, cleaning, gardening, and the manufacturing of chemicals.

What is the difference between food grade and regular hydrogen peroxide?

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide does not contain any type of stabilizer, which means it is free of chemicals like acetanilide, phenol, and sodium stannate. In comparison, regular hydrogen peroxide contains all the stabilizers.

How to store 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide?

You should store hydrogen peroxide in a cool, dry location and keep it away from light and heat. To get a longer 35 hydrogen peroxide shelf life, you can also store it in a freezer. Also, always keep this product away from children and pets.

NOTE: This product is not for human consumption.

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