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Pure Sulfur Prills for Plants, Crops & Fish Tanks (99.5% Purity)

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Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral that is essential for the growth of plants and crops.

Sulfur enhances leaf chlorophyll levels and strengthens the plant's disease-fighting abilities. This amazing element is necessary for a plant to grow and thrive.

It is a natural fertilizer for plants, trees, and flowers and it promotes healthy plant growth and improves overall crop quality.

Sulfur can be applied directly to the soil near your plants, or mixed with other liquid fertilizers to create a balanced nutrient solution.

Sulfur is a naturally occurring micronutrient that when applied to plants and crops can improve the foliar uptake of their essential nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium.

Our product formula contains 100% sulfur (the purest source) and contains no fillers or additives. The result: higher quality plants, crops, and flowers with more vigorous growth and increased yields.

Benefits & Applications of Pure Sulfur Prills

  • Control plant diseases
  • Protects the plants from pathogens and pests
  • Acts as a natural pesticide
  • Promotes stem growth and healthy roots
  • Encourages leaf growth

Pure Sulfur for Plants and Crops is the perfect fertilizer for your garden. This 100% natural product is easy and simple to use. Pure Sulfur makes it possible to grow wholesome, natural produce anywhere you'd like. Order it now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are sulfur prills?

Sulfur prills are a form of stabilized elemental sulfur for use in hydroponics. They are tiny pellets that are made with melting sulfur into the water until it no longer fizzes. Sulfur prills are usually used in hydroponics to provide sulfur, which helps fight against oxidative stress, reduce the amount of energy plants need, and improve the quality of the product.

What are sulfur pellets used for?  

Sulphur prills are used in hydroponics to supply plants with nutrients. They are one of the best types of fertilizer you can get for your plants. This is especially true if you’re growing veggies indoors because it will help keep them flourishing and growing strong. Sulfur also works as a natural pesticide to control fungus, insects, and mites.

How do you use sulfur Prills?

Sulfur Prills can be used in a variety of hydroponic systems. Usually, they are used in conjunction with a liquid plant nutrient solution, but a sulfur prill will still deliver nutrients without liquid fertilizer. So you can start with 1 to 3 tbsp of sulfur prills depending on your plant's composition.

You can also use Sulfur for pest control by mixing it with water and spraying on the plants. Sulfur spray will work as a very effective fungicide and insecticidal spray.

Additionally, you can use a sulfur burner to evaporate the sulfur by turning it into fine dust which can change the pH of leaf surfaces. 

What plants benefit from sulfur?

Plants that benefit from sulfur include azaleas, camellias, ferns, gardenias, honeysuckles, hydrangeas, Japanese maples, and rhododendrons. Most plants that benefit from sulfur must have a pH of 6.5 or lower. Plants that do not take in much nitrogen are also assisted by adding sulfur to the soil.

Is sulfur a good fertilizer?

Yes, sulfur is an excellent fertilizer. It is used primarily to kill root-eating molds that threaten the health of your indoor plants.

NOTE: This product is not for human consumption.

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