Benefits & Uses of Sulfur Prills for Fish Tanks & Aquariums

Sulfur prills are an affordable way to remove toxic elements from your aquarium and improve upon the fish life you’ve created. Despite the beneficial quality of sulfur prills, many people haven’t heard of this efficient and cost-effective method of detoxing their water. 

So in this guide, we will see why you may want to use sulfur prills as well as what type of fish tanks it is most effective for and which water types can benefit the most from sulfur prills. The guide will also explain where to buy cheap sulfur prills and how to properly use them in your tank.

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What are Sulfur Prills?

Sulfur prills are another word for sulfur pellets. They are a form of elemental sulfur that resembles very small, round beads. The term "prills" refers to the fact that these pellets are the byproduct of an industrial process that results in liquid sulfur being converted into a solid.

Sulfur Prills

The most common use for these little pellets is as an additive to soil and water. For example: they lower the pH level of tank water over time. This is important because low pH levels help keep algae from forming on tank walls and other surfaces. Low pH levels also keep microorganisms and bacteria from taking over your tank water. 

This can be especially beneficial if you have a freshwater tank with live plants since this environment can lead to rapid bacterial growth if the pH isn't controlled properly.

They can also help plants grow better in your aquarium or fish tank. Since they're rich in nutrients, adding them to the soil around plants can help those plants grow faster and more robustly.

How Do Sulfur Prills Work?

Sulfur Prills are like little balls of sponge. Inside the sponge is elemental sulfur, which is a natural form of sulfur that is water-soluble. 

As water passes over the sulfur prills, it dissolves some of the sulfur and releases it into the water. This helps to remove ammonia and nitrites, while also keeping the pH and alkalinity stable.

Nitrates can be harmful to fish when they reach high levels. The prills keep them at safe levels by breaking them down into nitrogen gas that can then be expelled into the air through your filter system. 

In a pond or fish tank environment, sulfur prills also help to remove hydrogen sulfide from the water which helps to eliminate odors and make the water cleaner.

How to Use Sulfur Prills in Fish Tanks or Aquariums

Sulfur can be used in two ways in fish tanks: for water purification and as a nutritional supplement. Sulfur prills are small, porous beads of sulfur that make it easier to use the mineral in both of those ways.

Sulfur Prills in Fish Tanks or Aquariums

Here’s how you can use sulfur prills in fish tanks or aquariums:

  • Step 1: Turn off your aquarium filter. Remove the filter cartridge and clean it out with a hose according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Step 2: Fill a sock or pantyhose leg with sulfur prills. Tie the end of the sock off tightly and place it inside the filter cartridge housing of your aquarium. Replace the filter cartridge.
  • Step 3: Turn your aquarium filter back on and let it run as normal. Check your water's pH level periodically using an in-tank test kit until you reach the desired pH level for your fish tank.

For best results, replace your filter pads every month or two with new ones that contain new prills.

Benefits of Using Sulfur Prills in Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Sulfur balls can help to control the growth of algae and cyanobacteria (also known as red slime algae). This is because sulfur acts as a natural antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria from forming on the surface of the aquarium. 

The sulfur can also help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that may cause disease in your fish.

Benefits of Using Sulfur Prills in Fish Tanks

In addition, sulfur prills will also help you maintain proper pH levels in your aquarium. Because these balls are made from an inorganic material, they will not affect the balance of organic materials in your tank. In fact, when using this type of material, it is best to use them with other organic materials such as live plants or decorations that contain organic materials.

Sulfur prills have various benefits for your fish tank:

  • Promote good health: Sulfur prills help to keep your fish healthy by controlling the amount of gases that are released from decaying matter in the tank. If left unchecked, these gases can be toxic to your fish. By removing them, sulfur prills help to keep the water fresh and clean for your fish.
  • Help with breeding: The nitrogen in sulfur prills is a useful nutrient for helping plants and algae to grow in an aquatic environment. This helps to create the right conditions for breeding fish and other aquatic species.
  • Maintain pH levels: They also help to control the acidity of your aquarium water, which can be harmful to some plants and animals if not controlled properly.

One extra benefit of sulfur prills is that they provide a natural source of oxygen to your tank. This can be beneficial if you have a hard time maintaining good levels of oxygen in your tank or if you find that your fish are struggling to survive due to low levels of oxygen.

How Often to Replace the Old Prills with New Ones?

The sulfur in the fish tank prills will normally last you anywhere from 2 months to half a year. This depends on how many gallons your aquarium is and how many fish you have. It also depends on how fast the water moves through the filter. 

You can tell if it is time to replace them when you notice that the prills have lost their color and become lighter.

When you need to replace them, remove the old ones and rinse off any particles from them so they don't cloud up your aquarium water. If you have more than one bio-wheel then make sure you change out all of the prills at the same time so they all work together properly in the filter.

Possible Side Effects of Sulfur Prills

While sulfur prills can be beneficial in keeping a fish tank healthy and free from algae, they may also have some side effects. You should be aware of these side effects before adding sulfur prills to your aquarium.

Adding too much sulfur prill to the water could cause fish to start dying off. Sulfur is toxic to fish if it is not dissolved slowly enough for them to adjust slowly over time. If you use too much sulfur, you may kill all of your fish. 

This is one reason why it is important never to use more than the recommended amount for your particular tank.


Sulfur Prills have many uses in aquariums. They can also be beneficial for keeping goldfish and tropical fish tanks clean, removing ammonia and other toxins from the water, accelerating the activation of carbon filters, reducing algae growth, and more. 

We hope you’ve learned some new things today about Sulfur Prills and how they can be used to benefit your fish tank or aquarium.

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